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Our Beers

SKOL Brewing Company creates the finest craft ales to satiate the Viking in all of us.
Gather ye friends and foes and head to this brewery for a battle of the beers!
Feast on delicious grub, raise your tankard and unleash your inner Viking.

Core Beers

SKOL Brewing Company will debut with these 5 carefully crafted beers to pair with a Nordic-inspired menu curated by Certified Master Chef Rich Rosendale.

Northern Lights ~ Light American Lager image

Northern Lights ~ Light American Lager

A contemporary light lager. Designed to be a crisp, crushable light beer to quench your thirst on summer days! Easy-drinkin’ beer you don’t have to think about.​ Just focus on those northern lights instead.



Big Daddy ~ Amber Ale image

Big Daddy ~ Amber Ale

American Amber Ale with an outstanding balance of malts and floral, noble hops. The original Big Daddy approves the hoppy goodness.



The Northwoods ~ Vienna-Style Lager image

The Northwoods ~ Vienna-Style Lager

Dark copper hue from the kilned Vienna malt and a touch of debittered roasted malt. Light noble hop aroma and slight bitterness take a back seat to the rich, nutty malt profile.



The Bear ~ American Lager image

The Bear ~ American Lager

The Bear is stalking you. Classic lager, maltiness with refreshing hop profile. A full bodied beer.



Space Wrangler ~ Hazy IPA image

Space Wrangler ~ Hazy IPA

SKOL! Very cold beer!

Space Wrangler features American hops, flaked oats and GA malted wheat make up this silky IPA with notes of citrus and stone fruit.

Cheers, to your friends so near
High, your dreams so clear
Raise another glass to the dreams so near



Dirty Dave Series

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Uff da ~ Double IPA image

Uff da ~ Double IPA

That's exactly what Dirty Dave says when he is drinking his favorite high gravity suds. Uff Da DIPA combines experimental hops with peaches. We used Cashmere and Archer hops, which combine to give bright citrus and floral notes and complement the beautiful peach aroma and flavors present throughout this beer.



SucioSquatch ~ Oatmeal Milk Stout image

SucioSquatch ~ Oatmeal Milk Stout

Dirty Dave's been looking for this guy for years. If you see the SucioSqutch please let him know! With warm notes of coffee & chocolate alongside roasted barley & milk sugar give Oatmeal Milk Stout its signature smoothness and flavor. A combination of fresh oats and lactose enhances creaminess and balances a robust base of dark malts. The result is our deceptively light, velvety stout.



Seasonal Beers

Popping up from time to time

The Mjölnir ~ Extra Special Bitters image

The Mjölnir ~ Extra Special Bitters

Fall Seasonal Release

An Ale the god of Thunder himself would consume The Mjölnir will make you feel like you are dining in Valhalla. Brewed with a unique blend of pale and roasted malts with American hops, The Mjölnir Pale Ale is smooth, crisp, and slightly roasty. Not too sweet. Not too bitter. Altogether an uncommonly balanced Brown Ale.



Gooseberry Beret ~ Gose image

Gooseberry Beret ~ Gose

Fall Seasonal Release

While you won't find this beret in a second hand store. Gooseberry Beret is inspired by the traditional German Gose style, and flavoured with gooseberry, sea buckthorn and sea salt.
Tart, lightly sour, fruity and refreshing with a defined saltiness an excellent accompaniment to food.

Gooseberry Beret
I think I love her



Fjord ~ NEIPA image

Fjord ~ NEIPA

Fall Seasonal Release

A Norw-England India Pale Ale featuring Norwegian Farmhouse Yeast and a fruity assortment of hops. These are typically fruity NEIPA with this Norwegian farmhouse yeast.



3rd Degree Burns ~ Nitro Toasted Porter image

3rd Degree Burns ~ Nitro Toasted Porter

Fall Seasonal Release

While dark in color, this classical Porter style using Lager Yeast has a medium mouthfeel and dark chocolate notes that result in a smooth on the palate, easy-to-drink brew. Toasted malts combined with a slight addition of coffee make this Toasted Porter roasty and rich, while the body remains light and sessionable. This dark beer is perfect for cool winter nights or even hot summer days, so let's feel the burn.



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